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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Find out if this long-term solution to tooth loss is ideal for you.

If you are dealing with tooth loss then chances are good that dental implants could help you regain a full smile. Your Mount Pleasant dentist Dr. Cynthia Holmes Garner is pleased to offer a lifelong treatment that is the next best thing to natural teeth. Our state-of-the-art Dental Implantstreatments are now allowing toothless patients to attain a complete, healthy smile again. Find out more about what makes you an ideal candidate for dental implants.

Factors that Make You a Good Candidate for Implants

The ideal candidate is someone who has lost one or more teeth and is in good oral and general health. By good oral health we mean that you aren’t dealing with any untreated gum disease, decay, bone loss or infections. When you come into our Mount Pleasant dental office for a consultation we will examine your smile to check for these potential problems.

Oral health

If we find gum disease or decay this doesn’t mean that you can’t get dental implants, it just means that we will need to address these issues first and foremost. After all, you want to have a healthy smile before getting implants. Also, if you have had extensive jawbone loss this also doesn’t mean that implants are impossible. We’ve seen all types of cases and bone grafting is an option for those who have lost a significant amount of jawbone density but still want implants.

General health

Your general health is also something we factor in before determining if implants are right for you. Those who are heavy smokers, those with compromised immune systems, those with uncontrolled chronic diseases (e.g. heart disease) and those currently undergoing chemotherapy are not ideal candidates for treatment. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disorder like diabetes it’s important that it is properly managed prior to your treatment.

Can a Patient Be Too Old for Implants?

Age usually doesn’t matter when it comes to getting implants. As long as you are in good health there is no reason why your implant dentist in Mount Pleasant can’t give you the smile you want. Everyone from teens to those in the 90’s can benefit from implants. Even though patients can actually be too young for implants (children’s jaws must be fully developed first) you are never too old to get the perfect smile.

While this can be a great way to help you determine whether implants are the best option, nothing can replace an implant consultation with your Mount Pleasant dentist. Turn to Garner Family Dentistry for all of your smile needs.

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