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By Garner Family Dentistry
August 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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What's an actor's most important feature? According to Vivica A. Fox, whose most recent big-screen role was in Independence Day: Resurgence, it's what you see right up front.

"On screen, your smile and your eyes are the most inviting things that bring the audience in" she said. "Especially if you play the hot chick."

But like lots of people, Vivica reached a point where she felt her smile needed a little help in order to look its best. That's when she turned to a popular cosmetic dental treatment.

"I got veneers years ago," Ms. Fox told Dear Doctor magazine in a recent interview, "just because I had some gapping that probably only I noticed."

What exactly are dental veneers? Essentially, they are thin shells of lustrous porcelain that are permanently attached to the front surfaces of the teeth. Tough, lifelike and stain-resistant, they can cover up a number of defects in your smile — including stains, chips, cracks, and even minor spacing irregularities like the ones Vivica had.

Veneers have become the treatment of choice for Hollywood celebs — and lots of regular folks too — for many reasons. Unlike some treatments that can take many months, it takes just a few appointments to have veneers placed on your teeth. Because they are custom made just for you, they allow you to decide how bright you want your smile to be: anywhere from a natural pearly hue to a brilliant "Hollywood white." Best of all, they are easy to maintain, and can last for many years with only routine care.

To place traditional veneers, it's necessary to prepare the tooth by removing a small amount (a millimeter or two) of its enamel surface. This keeps it from feeling too big — but it also means the treatment can't be reversed, so once you get veneers, you'll always have them. In certain situations, "no-prep" or minimal-prep veneers, which require little or no removal of tooth enamel, may be an option for some people.

Veneers aren't the only way to create a better smile: Teeth whitening, crowns or orthodontic work may also be an alternative. But for many, veneers are the preferred option. What does Vivica think of hers?

"I love my veneers!" she declared, noting that they have held up well for over a decade.

For more information about veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

By Garner Family Dentistry
August 22, 2017
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Sometimes the simplest solution is the best when you have a minor tooth imperfection. Mt. Pleasant, SC, dentist Dr. Cynthia Garner of VeneersGarner Family Dentistry explains how dental veneers, a simple, yet effective, cosmetic dentistry treatment, can help you improve your smile.

Veneers offer smile-changing benefits

Veneers, thin pieces of porcelain that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, can conceal many types of flaws in teeth and also completely change the appearance of your smile. Because many dental flaws only affect the enamel on the front surfaces of your teeth, veneers offer a fairly easy way to hide these imperfections.

You'll need to visit our Mt. Pleasant office twice to receive veneers. During the first visit, we'll prepare the tooth removing a very thin layer of enamel to ensure a comfortable fit for your new veneers. A dental lab will create your veneers using impressions taken in our office. In most cases, your new veneers will be ready in about a week or two. When you visit for the second time, we'll use water to temporarily attach your veneers to check the fit and make any adjustments that may be needed before we permanently attach them to your teeth.

How can veneers help me?

Veneers are often used to correct these cosmetic issues:

  • Minor Imperfections: Imperfections don't have to be large to affect your smile. Even small chips, pits or cracks can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Veneers cover these flaws completely.
  • Gaps: Braces are very effective in closing large gaps, but when the spaces between your teeth are small, veneers offer a simpler option.
  • Shape and Length Issues: Veneers are often used to ensure that your teeth look more uniform. They cover twisted, crooked and pointed teeth and can even extend the length of teeth.
  • Discolorations and Stains: Our society values a bright smile, but teeth naturally come in a variety of shades. If you would like to whiten your smile, adding veneers to your front teeth can completely transform your smile. They're also a good choice if one or two teeth are discolored.

Would you like to transform your smile with veneers? Call Mt. Pleasant, SC, dentist Dr. Cynthia Garner of Garner Family Dentistry at (843) 884-6002 to schedule an appointment.

By Garner Family Dentistry
January 13, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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It’s amazing how much dental veneers can transform your smile.

Have you always dreamed of getting a smile that’s as radiant and beautiful as that of the Hollywood stars? While you may think that it veneers takes some serious dental work in order to achieve the same kind of red-carpet smile, think again. All you have to do is turn to our Mount Pleasant, SC family dentist, Dr. Cynthia L. Garner, for dental veneers.

Despite being thin, veneers are made from a durable porcelain that is able to mask cosmetic imperfections when they are bonded to the front of your teeth. And since veneers are placed on the front surface of your teeth, extensive tooth preparation isn’t necessary.

Dental veneers may be a good choice for you if you have:

  • Stains and discolorations (especially ones that whitening treatment can’t treat)
  • Cracks and chips
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Minor crowding
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Teeth that are short or worn down

Once we have examined your smile and determined that you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers, our Mount Pleasant cosmetic dentist will need to prepare your teeth and then take impressions. This will ensure that your veneers fit perfectly and match the rest of your smile. A laboratory will use these impressions to make your veneers. Once your veneers are completed, you will come back into our office where we will check the fit of your veneers and make any necessary adjustments before cementing the veneers in place with a special dental light. In just a couple visits you too could have a brand new smile.

It’s amazing how much veneers can revive dull, damaged teeth and we are sure you will agree the minute you see your new smile. Call Garner Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC to find out if you are right for porcelain veneers.

Having a beautiful smile may seem like an impossible goal if your smile is full of chipped, yellowed, stained, cracked or just plain veneersmissing teeth. However, with help from your Mount Pleasant, SC cosmetic dentist, you can achieve this goal and more. Porcelain dental veneers and dental implants can rejuvenate your smile and give you back the confidence and self-esteem you deserve.

What are veneers and implants? 
Veneers are thin, porcelain shells which fit over the front of the teeth to cover imperfections. These customized dental restorations give your teeth a renewed appearance and feel, function and appear just like natural teeth. Dental implants replace a missing tooth’s root and the tooth itself. A small titanium post, called a fixture, surgically implanted into the jawbone underneath a missing tooth provides a sturdy foundation for the replacement tooth. A porcelain dental crown, which attaches to the fixture via an abutment, replaces the missing tooth itself.

How can veneers and implants work together? 
Veneers give new life to your broken, chipped, cracked, stained, yellowed or misshapen teeth. With dental implants replacing the teeth which are missing, these two powerful cosmetic dentistry procedures work together to give you an entirely new smile. Aside from the obvious benefit of a full, perfect smile, replacing missing teeth gives you a better bite, allowing you to chew and eat with less difficulty. Proper bite also reduces the risk of jaw issues such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

How do I care for my dental restorations? 
Veneers and implants are permanent dental restorations, meaning they may be cared for just like your natural teeth. Simply brush twice daily, splitting the mouth into quadrants and brushing each one for at least 30 seconds. Floss at least once a day. See your Mount Pleasant dentist at least twice a year for regular examinations and cleanings to keep your natural teeth and restorations alike healthy and clean.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry procedures, please contact Dr. Cynthia L. Holmes Garner at Garner Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC. Call (843)884-6002 to speak with an associate about scheduling your consultation for cosmetic dentistry today!

By Garner Family Dentistry
January 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you guilty of hiding your teeth when you laugh? Do you talk with your mouth closed so your teeth don’t show? Being ashamed of veneersyour teeth is nothing new. However, with help from your Mount Pleasant, SC dentist, you can revive your smile and restore your confidence in just a few dental appointments with porcelain dental veneers.

What are dental veneers? 
Dental veneers are a super-thin shell of porcelain attached to the front of the teeth. Veneers change the shape, size, color or length of the teeth. Veneers can cover various imperfections in the teeth, including:

  • gaps
  • chips
  • cracks
  • discolored teeth
  • overlapping teeth
  • uneven teeth

Are veneers right for me?

Good candidates for dental veneers require generally good oral health. Healthy gums and enamel are crucial for healthy veneers. Those with a heavy teeth grinding habit do not make good candidates for veneers. Veneers can cover slightly misaligned teeth, but are not necessarily a substitute for heavy orthodontic treatment. Some cases have better results if they are first treated with braces. Good candidates should also have an excellent at-home oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing twice a day and a commitment to regular dental examinations and cleanings will extend the life of your veneers.

How does the procedure for dental veneers work? 
Since a dental laboratory needs time to create the veneers, the process usually takes two separate appointments. At your first appointment, your dentist takes a mold of your mouth on which the veneers are based. Your teeth may be prepared at this appointment, which involves shaving a tiny amount of enamel from the front of the teeth. If this occurs, your dentist fits temporary veneers onto the teeth until the lab completes your permanent restorations. At your second appointment, your dentist checks the fit of each veneer. If necessary, your dentist trims the veneer to fit perfectly onto the tooth. The veneers are then permanently attached to the teeth using dental cement.

For more information on dental veneers in the Mount Pleasant, SC, please contact Dr. Cynthia L. Holmes Garner, DDS, AEGD at Garner Family Dentistry. Call 843-884-6002 to schedule your consultation for dental veneers today!