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By By Garner Family Dentistry
February 18, 2020
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Dr. Cynthia Garner of Garner Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC, provides her patients with cosmetic dentistry procedures to beautify their smiles, regardless of whether the issue is severe discolorations or teeth that are crooked, chipped, or broken.

Here are a few cosmetic dentistry procedures that we offer:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth are porous, and these pores collect bacteria as well as various particles from food and beverages. Teeth whitening is when your dentist uses a bleaching agent that penetrates those pores and whitens stains. After the procedure, your teeth will be several shades lighter and last for about two to three years, depending on your teeth and your lifestyle. For a longer-lasting effect, make sure you avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking too much coffee or tea, and eating stain-causing food.

Dental Bonding

This non-invasive technique is used to remodel damaged teeth. Your Mount Pleasant dentist uses tooth-colored resin, made of bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate (BIS-GMA) and an inorganic filler like silica, in order to treat dental imperfections such as stains, cracks, chips, and gaps between teeth. The resin is applied, shaped and hardened with a dental laser during a quick and discomfort-free procedure. Prior to treatment, your dentist must first treat any cavities or underlying issues, but most patients quickly become candidates once these problems are addressed.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are custom-made, wafer-thin porcelain shells that are cemented to the surface of teeth to conceal discolorations, minor misalignments, and cosmetic damage. Some enamel is removed from the surface of teeth to prevent veneers from protruding, resulting in perfectly-fitting restorations and a fully rejuvenated smile.

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